LABO-CONSEIL’s history


Creation of LABO-CONSEIL: Professional Labs & Kitchens specialist

LABO-CONSEIL was created by two passionate entrepreneurs who believe that building a performing lab & kitchen is a very complex mission requiring various expertise (business, compliance, construction, processes…).

Only one single contractor can deliver the tailor-made solutions to successfully deliver such projects within the budget, norms and deadlines.

Since its foundation, LABO-CONSEIL has brought together experienced professionals and labs/kitchen specialists: former F&B professionals, specialists in equipment, installations and compliance trained to design, build, renovate and maintain laboratories.

LABO-CONSEIL works for reputable clients who demand quality.

2003 – 2010

LABO-CONSEIL develops its supplier network and shapes its DNA

The firm builds a network of partners known for their professionalism in: refrigeration, ventilation, audit and compliance, etc.

LABO-CONSEIL and its partners share common values: Excellence, Curiosity, Commitment.


LABO-CONSEIL expands in order to deliver projects up to 2,500 m²

Faced with changing demands of increasingly larger construction sites, LABO-CONSEIL structures itself to be able to carry out projects up to 2,500 m².

In order to better respect the costs and schedules of construction sites, LABO-CONSEIL decides to internalize its production teams. LABO-CONSEIL then becomes able to manage labs & kitchen projects of up to 2,500 m².


LABO-CONSEIL strengthens its organization to open up to new markets

LABO-CONSEIL strengthens its design and engineering capabilities (Integration of new CAO and modeling systems).

The firm leverages on its expertise, track record and agility to move to new markets. LABO-CONSEIL starts working with large laboratories and FoodTech companies.


A new dimension: LABO-CONSEIL integrates ISALYS Group

Our ambition :

  • To maintain our positioning in the F&B and FoodTech industries by offering turnkey innovative and effective solutions.
  • To take up new projets in highly constrained industries.

LABO-CONSEIL now envisions to become a trusted company in the design and construction of innovative and efficient professional laboratories / kitchens in constrained industry sectors.

Leveraging on ISALYS Group and its long-standing partners network, LABO-CONSEIL is now more than ever in a position to offer its clients innovative infrastructures, which will improve their performance and growth.

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