Mission & Values



Mission & Values

Our belief

“Delivering eco-friendly and innovative production equipment of the highest quality are critical success factors to achieve growth and sustainability for professionals operating in sectors with strong safety and regulatory constraints.”


To turn your production premises (professional labs, kitchens, clean rooms…) into performant and innovative tools to sustain your development and growth.

With a deep knowledge of our clients’ industries, we bring our experience and passion to design, build, renovate, and maintain your labs and kitchens.

Since 2003, LABO-CONSEIL has become a single point-of-contact providing you with the best professional labs & kitchen turnkey solutions.


Smart investments in production capacities to enhance quality, productivity, and innovation are key success factors.

Our vision is to become a trusted firm delivering turnkey professional laboratory & kitchen solutions for industries operating in clean and constrained environments.


To establish ourselves as a firm known for quality, determination and technical excellence.

To assist not only F&B businesses but also any organization operating within constrained environments and provide them with reliable, innovative production premises that comply with safety and hygiene norms.


A strong passion for our customers’ businesses and industry sectors.

A service mindset that enables us to offer our clients the best solutions for their specific needs.

Friendship and approachability, which are in the DNA of F&B and construction sectors.

ISALYS Group values that we share without compromise: entrepreneurship, communication, excellence, pride, humility, and pleasure.

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