You are…

Artisan food producers, butcher, pastry chef, baker, butcher, ice cream maker or fishmonger or any solo entrepreneur in the F&B sector.

Your needs

You are either starting or taking over the activities of an artisan food producer. Your growth requires the creation of an appropriate production premises.

Your current installation no longer complies with the requirements of the sector (regulatory standards, electrical compliance, hygiene…).

You are looking for solutions to re-organize your production premises, optimize your logistics, or install the equipment most suited to your business.

You are looking to install new equipment, add a power supply, or renovate your plumbing system or more…

Your production tools are aging and you are looking to bring them up to date.

Construction projects are complex. You wish to know the total cost of your renovations via a single enterprise.

Our commitments

We support your activity by delivering you modern, turnkey equipment that complies with laws, regulations and standards.

Our engineer department inspects your production site and  recommends the most appropriate technical solutions.

We are familiar with the constraints of your activity, therefore we make sure to limit the impact of our intervention on your operations. ​

Our team is composed of trade contractors specialized in various fields.

Having various contacts for a single project can become difficult to manage. We offer you the solution, we are a single enterprise specialized in all fields, to manage your project. Give you a detailed cost estimate for all our services provided.

We have built a network of long-time partners and specialists able to implement the most efficient infrastructures and solutions.

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